Southwest, Book a Flight Enhancement
I'm excited to share a feature-enhancement-proposal I designed for Southwest Airlines to allow for price transparency within their app when selecting flight dates!
🔍 Hypothesis
Presenting price transparency within the Southwest app when selecting flight dates will improve customer satisfaction and increase booking conversions.
📈 Rationale:

Enhanced User Experience: Clear and upfront pricing enables users to make informed decisions quickly, reducing frustration and improving the overall user experience.

Increased Trust and Loyalty: Transparency builds trust with customers, making them feel confident in their purchase and more likely to remain loyal.

Higher Conversion Rates: Easily comparing prices and finding the best deals can lead to more completed bookings.

Reduction in Customer Service Inquiries: Clear pricing information upfront can lead to fewer inquiries about fares, saving time and resources for both the company and customers.

Positive Brand Perception: Aligning with Southwest’s values of honesty and customer-centric service enhances overall brand perception.
Video Demo👇

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