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Your UX Designer

Scott Carothers is a UI/UX Product Designer with nineteen years of experience. He's one of the earliest adopters of modern day human centered design practices.
During the years spanning 2006 to 2011, Scott turned his focus towards Flash interaction design, where he put his hard-earned animation degree to good use. But it was in 2011, long before the phrase 'UX' became commonplace, that Scott started working at DePalma Studios - a UX design agency solely dedicated to the pursuit of human-centered UI/UX design.
It was this experience that sparked a flame within Scott's heart, one that continues to burn bright to this very day - a fierce commitment to always do right by the user, and to relentlessly champion their voice.
Throughout the majority of his career, Scott has dedicated himself to simplifying complex medical software - from CVS's pharmaceutical automation software to creating responsive web and native apps for some of the biggest healthcare providers in the industry. He's even designed biometric display software for three of the top insurance companies in America and led the production of the new website and design system.
For the last three years, Scott's leadership has been instrumental in overseeing two different design system efforts - one for Anthem and most recently for Novartis' pharmaceutical product websites. This has been a defining moment in his career, as it allowed him to think systematically about design at scale, aligning and governing several native applications and hundreds of stylistically consistent web pages.
What truly sets Scott apart is his love for visual design, particularly when it comes to showcasing the user experience. His design delivery standard is truly exceptional, encompassing prototypes, user flows, acceptance criteria, and even video demos of intended user interactions. Scott also diligently implements various supportive processes to ensure the success of his designs, such as pairing designers with developers, logging user testing results, and conducting regular design grooming sessions with product and development stakeholders.
Perhaps most remarkable of all is Scott's ability to collaborate effectively. He's never afraid to ask the questions that others might shy away from, all while maintaining a professional and intelligent veneer. And throughout all his endeavors, Scott always strives to be kind.
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