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A gloriously designed (if I do say so myself) iOS and Android app that integrates hundreds of data-driven insights into a single screen, guiding each user through a personalized journey within the app.
This app bridges the gap between doctors and their diabetic patients, ensuring seamless communication and up-to-date insulin management. 
A hypoglycemic🩸 reading for example. 
This type of reading would alert the provider, allowing for human intervention. It may also automate a change to the patient's next dose.
The General happy-path
Dose Check is an app designed to help diabetic patients determine their optimal insulin dosage. Our primary goal is to encourage patients to log their fasting blood sugar and insulin levels daily. By consistently doing this, we can provide them with precise recommendations for their insulin needs.

The screens below offer a glimpse of what patients will commonly see in the app. This experience addresses important questions like: “What is my dose?”, “Is it the correct dose?”, “What is my fasting blood sugar over time?”, and “How am I doing with my insulin therapy?”
How did we land here?
We came up with several preliminary concepts that aligned with the research finding from our initial discovery, which in essence was "visually show progress towards a fasting blood sugar goal". And then we gorilla tested these concepts with some AmalgamRx locals.
We also interviewed 16 participants in the US and Germany with the prototype that we distilled from the original Gorilla research.
From this, we discovered that users did not understand they had a goal or what the business refers to as a “target range.” They also didn't generally comprehend the idea of our "Titration Schedule Component". Essentially, we realized that our value proposition did not align with the user’s perceived value. 
Specifically, this calendar-like concept did not test well
We believed it would be beneficial to allow patients to retroactively add readings for days they missed. We assumed that a red dot would effectively indicate missing information or areas requiring attention, while a blue dotted circle would signal when the next dose update was due. However, our assumptions were incorrect…
How did we respond?
We now maintain the patient’s adherence to their schedule without requiring them to understand the complexities of a “Titration Schedule.” Instead, we provide targeted alerts and prompts within the “Today’s Log” section. This approach ensures that users are focused solely on their immediate tasks, simplifying their experience and promoting consistent logging behavior.
Some other mentionables
We worked with an amazing team at Sago to conduct our user research. Their talent surpassed any I had seen in the past, or at least in aeons, with exceptional interviewing skills (thank you, Mindy) and the ability to subtly extract the small yet crucial data needed to build an exquisite app, and tease out future business opportunity.
Did someone say accessibility?
When designing our app, we adhered to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 at the AA level to ensure optimal contrast and typeface sizes for readability and accessibility. 
The Design System
We utilized an adapted iOS and Android component and style library. My role involved a blend of adopting existing elements, augmenting a few of them, and discretionarily expanding the library with new components when needed.
Test Prototype Walkthrough
If you’re interested in seeing the video I created to prepare for the user research with Sago, take a look here. 
V1 Home Page Concept, the User Journey Over Time
This flow illustrates the user’s journey over time. Although our concept evolved and we never conducted user testing on this version, the key callouts throughout the journey remain consistent.

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